Is it True?

We’ve been told that Nimble Commerce is more than doubling their revenue share prices upon contract renewal. If you’re looking for lower fees (even lower than you’re paying now prior to your increase), consider our SaaS (Software as a Service) model! If you’re a large volume client and don’t want any monthly fees, consider our purchase program. We’ll sell a copy of our software to you with all modifications included. With this option, you’ll:

  1. Never Pay Revenue Share Fees Again.
  2. Never be bound by a contract you’re not in full control of.
  3. Make the changes required on your time frame, with your developers.
  4. Optionally hire us to host and manage/modify your own software.

Contact us or send a message to support@oneloyaltynetwork.com.

Serious Publishers Are Making A Change See Why Publishers from other major daily deal, white label and group buying software sites are switching their deal platforms to Daily Deal Pros!

Our Daily Deal Software is the best turn-key solution on the market today for white label, group buying and affiliate daily deal marketing. We’ve researched the major competitors and have created more core features, including an integrated loyalty and rewards platform. Our Daily Deal Software will yield the highest return on investment while giving you the most flexibility to promote your deals to your customers! Without exception, you’ll be thoroughly impressed after you see a demo of our Daily Deal Pros software.

Daily Deal Network Deal Pool Deals: We boast an extensive network of deals through our deal pool. You can source deals into the deal pool to earn extra revenues or use deals from the deal pool if needed. We have over 5000 active deals available for you. Email Daily Deal Pro Email Messages: Daily Deal Pros is it’s own ESP (Email Service Provider). This means that we’ll deliver your emails for you so you don’t have to worry about the extra expense of a Mail Chimp/Constant Contact to deliver your messages. This options saves you big on a monthly basis!
Global Daily Deal Social Media Tools: You want your customers to share your deals with as many of their friends as possible. We provide the tools necessary to make this easy for them, which will benefit you in the long run. Upload Your Daily Deal Reporting: Want to see the metrics of your site in real time? Are you looking for graphical views? You can with the extensive report suite made available to you and your reporting admins.
Check your daily deal Speed: We’ve become known for a fast development life cycle and we’re always looking for ways to make your deal of the day site better. Have an idea you want included? Let us know and consider it within the project scope. Schedule your daily deal Scheduling: You can easily schedule your main and side deals out as far as you’d like. Easily view your deal calendar with a few clicks of the mouse within your admin panel.
We’ll help make it your own… Our site is turn-key and you can customize almost anything that you’d like with a few clicks of the mouse. Because we’re so excited to further our technology, if we don’t have something that you need – let us know. A good idea goes a long way! By the way, our Q&A group is rock solid, don’t let the problems of the other major providers get in the way of your success.

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