Daily Deals and Coupons In One Platform

Not every merchant or business owner is going to be able to provide a steep and discounted deal.  However almost all merchants have coupons that they are ready to publish at any moment’s notice.  Daily Deal Pros, Inc is interested in those coupons, and you should be too!

Although there are a ton of coupon providers out there already, Daily Deal Pros, Inc has utilized existing technology to provide something over and above what other coupon providers can: The ability to track transactions.  Not only can you display coupons on your site, but your consumers can send their coupons to themselves in the following ways:

  1. Through Print
  2. Through Email
  3. Through Text Message
  4. Through Loyalty

For the merchant, you can provide the following reporting and analytics:

  1. The number of times a coupon was displayed (impressions)
  2. The number of times a coupon was printed
  3. The number of times a coupon was sent via email
  4. The number of times a coupon was sent to a mobile device
  5. The number of times a coupon was redeemed
  6. The number of coupons that are outstanding that could be redeemed

Here are some additional added benefits for the merchant:

  1. Increase exposure to daily deals
  2. Increase click rates from email
  3. Engage your consumers even more
  4. Give a leg up in the competition by adding more services available to the merchant

Our intelligent software is the best on the market today.  Please find the following example of our new coupon platform:  http://www.simplyextraoffers.com/coupons/cedar_rapids/iowa_city

About Daily Deal Pros, Inc:  Daily Deal Pros, Inc is a white label, group buying software platform which is fully hosted and managed for non-profit organizations, schools, sports organizations, charities radio stations and newspapers.  These groups are able to brand/customize the design of their site to fit their target audience.  Daily Deal Pros, Inc provides all support and software updates while providing the control and administration of the site to the publisher.  Daily Deal Pros, Inc is also affiliate based, meaning that any publisher can have an unlimited number of affiliate (sub) sites, with central management in one location.  For more information about Daily Deal Pros, Inc, visit http://www.dailydealpros.com.

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