How to Grow Your Daily Deal Site Subscribers

Daily Deal Pros always has said there are 3 legs to the Daily Deal Business stool that must be accounted for.  If you are missing one leg of your stool, your business will certainly fall over.  We consider the legs to be (a) Good Software, (b) Good Merchants (c) Active Consumers.

We’re going to focus this post on (c) – your Consumers.  You could have the best software and the best merchants, but without those eyes on your deals, nothing will sell.

Here are a few good ways to increase your subscription base and therefor, the eyeballs on your deals:

  1. Utilize automatic social media communications:  Daily Deal Pros provides some very cool tools to reach out to the friends, colleagues and family members of your current subscriber base.  For certain actions and events, if the consumer has authorized us, we will automatically post to Facebook Walls and Twitter Feeds certain messages about buying/redeeming vouchers.
  2. Promote your deals on your Facebook Fan Page:  We provide simple widgets for you to cut and paste into Facebook so you can start displaying your deals on your fan page.
  3. Collect email addresses on your Facebook Fan Page: Daily Deal Pros can also show you how to collect email addresses from your fans on Facebook.  It’s simple, yet very powerful.
  4. Create Banner Ads with Affiliate Tracking: Daily Deal Pros provides you all sorts of banner and text tracking links, in any color with many shapes and sizes so you can display your deals in real time on any site.  Simply use the two lines of widget code and place anywhere.  We’ll even make it easy to track via impressions and clicks with revenues!
  5. Create Contests:  We’ll provide a means for you to create contests to give almost anything away.  We’ve had Publishers give away anything from Movie tickets to Superbowl Tickets.  The options and endless and contests are just another tool that we provide to you for use.
  6. Give Rewards To Customers For Referring Their Friends:  You can specify any site credit amount to be given to customers who refer you buyers.  This is powerful:  Heck – who doesn’t like free stuff?
  7. Track Clicks From Your Messages:  Ever wonder what types of deals people like most (outside of sales of course)?  By tracking the number of clicks, you can easily tell which deals cause the most amount of interest.
  8. Have Good Deals: One great way to increase subscribers is having good deals.  You can source into and out of our Deal Pool for maximum deal penetration.
  9. Don’t Be Afraid To Market:  Don’t be shy to market with traditional means like radio, TV and newspaper.  The more exposure you can get to your site, the more likely you’ll begin to see steady growth in your lists.
Please contact us or schedule a demo to see how Daily Deal Pros can help grow your business!
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