About Daily Deal White Label Software

There are many searches on Google (and we assume other search engines) for people looking for software to run their own daily deal site.  There are of course some enormous differences in the products that you can find when looking to start your own Daily Deal Site.

Software that a publisher can pay an upfront fee on is not a managed daily deal solution.  The publisher pays a fee and then can host the software wherever they’d like to.  The major pitfalls are that you are on the hook for all the management and support.  When issues arise, the publisher needs to either pay for the fixes/updates or deal with it.  Daily Deal Pros is not an upfront fee structure platform.  We are a daily deal white label managed solution.

Daily Deal White Label Software is software that is developed with the intent to allow a publisher to brand the software as if it’s there own, without the headaches of managing a development staff, server farm or support.  The software is hosted in a centralized location by the white label provider.  The publisher has the convenience of a management console where everything from reports to configuration settings are available.

The Daily Deal Pros Software Platform was designed with the publisher in mind.  We’ve developed our software with the intent to provide the publisher with a manageable system that is easy and intuitive so you can focus on running your business without worrying about the technical details associated with running a successful daily deal site.

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