Creating Customer Loyalty With Daily Deals

With so many Daily Deal Software Publishers, competition in the marketplace for publishers is a given.  If you’ve taken notice, many of the businesses are saying the same thing:  A lot of customers came because of our deal, but not many came back (or we they don’t know if they came back or not).

Daily Deal Pros has bridged the gap for the business owner with it’s Daily Deal Platform. Daily Deal Pros integrates with One Loyalty Network, an industry leader in the Loyalty and Rewards marketplace.  In fact, both companies are owned by the same principals.  This gives our publishers an edge when competing for business.  Not only will our publishers be able to work with the business owner to create an intriguing offer to promote, but the business will now be able to leverage the power of One Loyalty Network to track customers that not only originated from the deal of the day site, but their own customer base too.  This allows the business owner the luxury of actually retaining their customer base, which leads in an increase in profits.  They will also be able to not only understand that new customers were introduced to the business, but they came back again and again.  The business owner will also be able to track how much was spent and many other interesting demographics.  All this leads to intelligent business decisions provided through Daily Deal Pros and One Loyalty Network.

So what does this mean now?  It simply means this:  Publishers working with Daily Deal Pros will have a leg up on the competition in their marketplace.

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