Sharing Daily Deals Directly From Email

Consumers are able to access daily deals from 1000’s of sites around the word.  Many consumers receive multiple offerings from different companies in the same area.  The buzz on social media just continues to grow and the reasons are obvious why.  But how does the daily deal provider connect with people more efficiently?  It’s actually quite simple.  Put the favorite social media sharing buttons within every piece of communication, including email.

Daily Deal Pros is certainly not a social media guru, but putting a “follow us” style button in an email just didn’t seem like it offered the convenience of what’s available in today’s social media market.  Now when a customer receives an email from one of our publishers (100+ to date across 3 countries), depending on the message, they can share the deal, their referral link or any contests that may be active to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in just one click.  Daily Deal Pros wants our publishers to be successful and continue to earn new customers on a daily basis.

For inquiries, please contact Daily Deal Pros or schedule a demo at a time convenient for you!

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