Artificial Intelligence For Daily Deals

At Daily Deal Pros, we believe the future of offering, and selling, good deals is going to become a science, as opposed to simply running offers that are currently in the hopper.  Artificial Intelligence will be used to automate processes, including choosing what deals to run.  Our Artificial Intelligence will be a system that is smart enough to understand your environment and to correctly predict what actions to take to maximize your future sales.

As far as we know, most deal of the day sites (possibly 1700-1800 in the US) rely on sale representatives, sourcing companies or deal aggregators to run their next deal.  There is very good thought behind what type of deal these companies want to run, but there is no data that suggests how well the deal will sell before it actually sells.

Daily Deal Pros has taken the science of selling deals to the next level.  We’ve created sophisticated algorithms to aid you in picking deals that will sell based on many metrics.  So, I guess you could correctly say that we’ve created artificial intelligence to help you promote your next deal, at a time proven to be appropriate for that type of deal.  This helps improve your profits and engages your customers so provide high sales not only today, but tomorrow too!

Please contact Daily Deal Pros regarding our deal of the day software features. Of course, you can always schedule a demo to learn how Daily Deal Pros can help you!

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