Pay For Performance Advertising

Pay For Performance Advertising has been made famous by the onslaught of Deal Of the Day companies entering the market vying for business (IE: fighting for merchants).  Pay For Performance means exactly what the name implies, the merchant doesn’t pay anything up-front unless there is a return (IE: performance on the advertising).

This style of advertising has lost safety that it used to harness for the merchant because a deal of the day offer is becoming expected.  Consumers are flocking to any number of deal of the day sites to see what discount they can get on an activity, restaurant, service, family outing that they normally would do, but in greater numbers with the discount.

Deal Of The Day sites thrive on this style of marketing because it seems too good to be true from the merchant’s perspective.  So how do the Deal Of The Day marketing firms increase there patronage for the merchant?  Daily Deal Pros works with it’s Publishers to increase brand awareness through the Pay For Performance model.  How do we help increase loyalty?  Check out a recent article where we talked about Consumer Loyalty with Daily Deal Sites.

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